Early Stage Management Business Plans

Major Projects:

NMMI Alumni Association, Inc. (Not-for-Profit):

  • Interim chief executive (Executive Secretary/Treasurer) of 501(c)(3) organization serving 22,000+ alumni with a 13 member board of directors and multiple joint development projects. The alumni association publishes a quarterly magazine and monthly electronic newsletters, maintains a Facebook presence and hosts several events during the year, both on campus and off. Member of the fundraising team for the annual fund. Managed all staff; developed annual budget for operations, and managed endowed scholarship awards.
  • During first six months of assignment, caught up financial audits (two years) and IRS 990 filings (two years); converted/upgraded website; and established electronic newsletter, blog and Facebook page to communicate more frequently and interactively with the alumni and patrons, adding a Communications Coordinator to the staff.

LifeFormulae, LLC (Biotechnology/bioinformatics Start Up):

  • In the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), built the company structure around the company's proprietary bioinformatics software product. Determined product pipeline; managed development teams, marketing campaigns, branding, outside contractors, and owner/investor relationships.
  • Developed and executed business plan, marketing plan and product development initiatives including budgets and resource definition.
  • Developed and negotiated strategic and tactical partnerships with other providers in the biotechnology space. Managed all company operations and administrative functions.
  • Converted genomic data mining products to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to improve version management and customer support which reduced staff requirement for product support by 85%.
  • Developed comprehensive website which also served as the authentication portal into the LifeFormulae ASN.1 Reader Tool Set (LARTS) product suite (SaaS) by using a robust Content Management System (CMS).
  • Led branding, product roll out, trade show selection/participation, advertising, SEO management, blog development and customer training and feedback projects.


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